Saturday 17 May 2014

CAT Quants Question

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Find more CAT Quants Question. These questions are of actual CAT level.


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Friday 16 May 2014

CAT Maths Question

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CAT Maths Section is the toughest section in CAT Exam.
Solve these CAT Math Paper to solve CAT 2014 PAPER.


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In CAT Exam you can expect 3-4 questions from Number system. The level of CAT Number system is moderate to high.

CAT Maths Question of the Day

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Read More CAT Logical Reasoning Questions.
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CAT Sample Questions

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Tuesday 13 May 2014




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Saturday 10 May 2014

CAT Mock Test Series

Mock Tests in the CAT Test Series replicate the pattern and difficulty level of the actual CAT in all respects.  The CAT test series, taken rightly, can enhance your test scores significantly. Simply browsing a CAT paper will reveal just the no. of questions, the test areas and their weightages. A serious contender, therefore, needs to go beyond this to derive genuine benefits from the CAT test series
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Please keep some practical tips in mind while taking CAT test series papers:

A. CAT test series papers should be taken at a peaceful place where you can hope to work for 3 hours. Make sure that there is no one to disturb you there.

B. The CAT test series paper has to be solved in one go without any breaks. Taking the test in parts is meaningless and will yield unrealistic scores.

C. The CAT online test series paper should not be taken on an empty stomach. Taking a 3-hr test drains you and therefore, requires ample energy. Eat enough to have sufficient energy during the CAT test series paper.

D. Should you feel very much stressed before the model test, close your eyes for dome time or have a glass of water or walk or better still, pray. These tips WORK.

E. Try to solve all your CAT online test series papers in three phases. In the first round, try easy questions. Getting such questions right initially can make you more confident, which can further improve your performance in the CAT model sample paper. In the second round, solve those questions which are slightly tougher and so on.

F. Work rapidly through the test without compromising accuracy. Your attempt and accuracy decide your total score. Guessing is helpful if you are able to eliminate some choices but wild, random guessing can be suicidal.

G. Do not spend unnecessary time on tough questions. Move to the next one and return to these questions later.

H. Always make an analysis of your test performance to discover your weak/ strong areas and to do  better in all future CAT mock tests.

Friday 9 May 2014


Find More CAT Geometry Questions @


                                                                            CAT Geometry Questions

1. The length of a hall is 5/4 times its breadth. If the area of the floor of the hall be 20, the difference between the length and  breadth is:
1)1m      2)4m                      3)3m      4)5m                      5) none of these

2. Find the area of a parallelogram whose adjacent sides are 15cm and 35cm and diagonal is 40cm
    1.300     2.9003.600     4. 500       5. None of these

3. If the side of a square is doubled, how does the area of square change?
    1. becomes four times   2. Becomes two times                 3. Becomes 8 times   4. No change in area     5. none of these

4. What will be the curved surface area of a cylinder whose radius is 35 cm and height is 10 cm
   1) 2200    2)15400    3)4400          4)700  5) none of these

5. The side of an equilateral triangle is 2  m, and then its area will be
  1.24         2.12         3.4         4.3        5. None of these

6. If the circumference of a circle is 352 m. Then its area in  is:
  1.9856                 2.8956                   3.6589                   4.5986                   5. None of these

7. What will be the volume of the cone having its radius 14 cm and height 12 cm?
   1.2464   2)2644  3) 6422    4) 4642  5) none of these

8. Length of a cuboid is 6cm, bredth is 5cm & height is 4cm.then what will be its total surface area?
  1.148     2.180   3. 144   4)88  5) none of these

9. The radius of a circle has been reduced from 9 cm to 7cm. the approximate % decrease in area is:
  1)31.5%              2)39.5%                3)34.5%        4)65.5%        5) none of these

10) What will be area of a triangle with sides 12m, 16m and 20 m?
   1.) 96    2)102    3)48     4)36 5) none of these

11)  The length of 10cm high hall is 12 cm an its width is 15 cm. find the cost of painting its four walls if cost of painting is Rs.12 per sq. m
   1) Rs.7920    2)660    3)8280        4)7290   5) none of these

12) If the surface area of a sphere is 154 then what will be its radius
    1.7cm         2.14 cm                        3. 28cm                 4.49        5. None of these

13) The base of a right angle triangle is 10 cm and hypotenuse is 26cm.its area will be
  1)250      2)120   3) 360     4) 200  5) none of these

14) If three cubes of metal 3cm, 4cm and 5 cm are melted together and made into single cube. Then edge of new cube                      so formed will be
   1.6                       2.7.5                      3.7                          4.8                          5. None of these

15) The ratio of radii of two circles is 2:5. The ratio of their areas will be
    1.4:10                2. 4:25                   3.8:125                  4.2:5                      5. None of these

                                                                        Answer key
1)1    2)1               3)1          4)1          5)4          6)1          7)1          8)1          9)2          10)1       11)5       12)3       13)2       14)1

1. let breadth =4x then length eill be 5x
   According to question     length × breadth =20
 So 20=20
 So x=1
Then breadth=4 and length =5 & their difference will be 1
2. for this we will  divide parallelogram into two congruent triangles
area of any  triangle=
 So s=45 now area =
So area of parallelogram will be 300
3.Let side changes into 2x from x then  area will become  4
 So ans, is option 1
4. curved surface area will be =2πrh
So ans. Is 2××35×10=2200
5. area of equilateral triangle ==3 cm
6. circumference =2πr=352
Solving it we will get r=56
Now area will be π
7. volume of cone =
8. surface area of cuboid =2(lb+bh+hl)=2(6×5+5×4+4×6)=148 sq. cm
9. area of circle with radius 9cm = 81π
area of circle with radius 7cm = 49π
so % change =
10. area of any  triangle=
 So s=48 cm now area =
11. area of four walls =2(L+B)×H=2(12+15)×10=540
 So cost =540×12=6480
12. surface area of sphere =4π
  R=3.5 cm
13. perpendicular =
 Now area =
14. adding the volume of these cubes we get
 So side of new cube =6
15. ratio of their area = square of their ratio
So ans. Is 4:25