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CET Mock Test

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CET MOCK TEST : Find CET Mock test.   
Common Entrance Test Maharashtra (CET-MH) or MH-MBA/MMS-CET is a computer-based test for admission to the Two-year Full Time Post Graduate Degree Courses in MBA/MMS and PGDBM/PGDM in various Universities the state of Maharashtra.CET was online for the first time and it has come back after it was replaced by CMAT for a year. 

TISS Mock Test

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TISS Mock Test : Find Mock test for TISS Exam. Tata Institute of Social Sciences is a Government of India funded Deemed University. TISS has 3 independent centers at Mumbai, Guwahati and Hyderabad and offers various programs in M.A. / M.Sc. / M.P.H./ M.H.A. TISS M.A. Human Resources Management and Labor Relations program (HRM & LR) attracts lots of students as it is considered as one of the best program offered in Human Resource Management in India

IIFT Mock Test

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Find IIFT Mock Test. IIFT is India's one of the most prestigious MBA Institute. Its flagship program i.e. MBA in International Business attracts thousands of students from Indian and abroad. To get admission to this college one has to crack the written exam conducted by the college followed by group discussions, essay writing, interview etc.


SNAP Mock Test

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Find SNAP Mock test Papers. Symbiosis National Aptitude Test (SNAP) is a common admission test to join various MBA programs offered by Symbiosis International University (SIU) at various locations i.e. Pune, Noida and Bengaluru.

CMAT Mock Test Papers

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Find CMAT  Mock test Papers . Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) is a national level computer based admission test for admission in all 3500+ AICTE approved B-school. CMAT started in 2012 and conducted twice a year by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) i.e. in the month of September and February. 


CAT Verbal Ability

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Find CAT Verbal Ability Questions.  The Common Admission Test (CAT) for admission to the 13 IIMs and other reputed MBA colleges in India has gone online. In its online avatar, the CAT has become more standardized and predictable, with little or no variations in test difficulty, style and weightage across test-takers. The CAT verbal ability part features questions on Reading Comprehension passages (10 questions based on 3 passages), Critical Reasoning, Sentence Correction, Vocabulary Usage and Sentence Rearrangement.

MAT Mock Test Paper

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MAT Mock Test Papers. Management Aptitude Test (MAT) is a common test to 400+ B-Schools in India & abroad conducted by All India Management Association (AIMA). MAT is conducted four times a year and was approved as national test by Ministry of HRD in 2002, since then MAT score is used by various B-Schools as its entrance criteria.

XAT Mock Test Papers

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The Xavier Aptitude Test is a paper based common test for admission into academic programs of XLRI and other XAT Associate Member Institutes. XAT exam is divided in two parts i.e. Paper 1 and Paper 2.


                       CAT QUESTION OF THE DAY

Find Maths question for CAT exam. CAT Maths syllabus : It includes questions from Number Theory, LCM & HCF, Averages, Ratio & Proportion, Alligation & Mixtures, Percentage, Profit and Loss, Time and Distance, Time & Work, Everyday Maths, Clocks & Calendars, Elementary Algebra, Quadratic Equations,


CAT Probability Questions

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The CAT exam features a few questions on probability. The questions are framed in easy language, understandable to all. 

CAT Data Interpretation | CAT DI Questions

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Find CAT data interpretation questions.  The CAT Data Interpretation is quite parallel to the issues you face as a real-life manager. The Data Interpretation portion for CAT has no fixed syllabus to assess your decision making capabilities and speed


CAT Geometry Questions

CAT Question of  The Day

Find Geometry questions for CAT Exam.  CAT Geometry questions  typically present problems based on Lines, Angles, Triangles, Spheres, Rectangles, Cube, Polygons, Circles, Pythagorean Theorem, Distances, Cubes, Prisms, Pyramids, and Cylinders. Sometimes you may also find Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry. 

CAT QUANTS Questions

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Find Questions for CAT quants. These CAT QUANTATIVE section is designed by guest faculty of Bulls eye. 



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Find questions on Number system for CAT. These CAT Number system questions are important for CAT Exam.

Friday 27 June 2014


                            CAT Question of the Day

Solve Logical Reasoning Questions for CAT Exam. CAT LR is one of the important section in which you can secure good marks if you prepare seriously. 


CAT Preparation Books

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Buy Books for CAT exam.  
Our CAT preparation books are designed so that they cover other MBA tests too. So you do not need to buy any other book separately. 


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Find study material for CAT 2014 exam. These CAT preparation material is written by expert faculty of bulls eye. The total cost for this product is 1500.



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Find your national level rank with CAT test series of Bulls Eye.
There are 22 Free Mock test and 8 National Level Test Series present in your account. 

CAT Mock Test

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Find online Mock test for CAT 2014 exam. There are 22 Free Mock papers available n our portal.  These papers are available free of cost for every one. 

Monday 23 June 2014


Mock Tests in the CAT Test Series replicate the pattern and difficulty level of the actual CAT in all respects.  The CAT test series, taken rightly, can enhance your test scores significantly. Simply browsing a CAT test series paper will reveal just the no. of questions, the test areas and their weightages. A serious contender, therefore, needs to go beyond this to derive genuine benefits from the CAT test series.
Such CAT test series, available on our website, exposes you to various test areas, pinpoints your strong/ weak areas and helps you take the corrective action for better score in future tests. Our robust test engine provides you a detailed question-by-question analysis along with your percentile score on an all-India basis.   

Please keep some practical tips in mind while taking CAT test series papers:

A. Papers of CAT test series  should be taken at a peaceful place where you can hope to work for 3 hours. Make sure that there is no one to disturb you there.

B. This CAT Study Material has to be solved in one go without any breaks. Taking the test in parts is meaningless and will yield unrealistic scores.

C. The CAT online test series paper should not be taken on an empty stomach. Taking a 3-hr test drains you and therefore, requires ample energy. Eat enough to have sufficient energy during the CAT test series paper.

D. Should you feel very much stressed before the model test, close your eyes for dome time or have a glass of water or walk or better still, pray. These tips WORK.

E. Try to solve all your CAT Sample Papers in three phases. In the first round, try easy questions. Getting such questions right initially can make you more confident, which can further improve your performance in the CAT model paper. In the second round, solve those questions which are slightly tougher and so on.

F. Work rapidly through the test without compromising accuracy. Your attempt and accuracy decide your total score. Guessing is helpful if you are able to eliminate some choices but wild, random guessing can be suicidal.

G. Do not spend unnecessary time on tough questions. Move to the next one and return to these questions later.

H. Always make an analysis of your test performance to discover your weak/ strong areas and to do  better in all future CAT mock tests.

Saturday 21 June 2014


                        CAT Number System

CAT Number System questions are a sample set of problems that is asked from this topic in the CAT quantitative ability section. Based on topics and sub-topics that are commonly probed from this area, this set of questions will give you a brief illustration of the kind of skills required to handle this area. These number system questions will guide through your CAT and other MBA entrance exam preparation. The sample set of questions that generally comes in CAT exam number system are LCM, aptitude number system, HCF, questions on divisibility, Sum of n odd numbers, factorials problem etc. In CAT you can have sturdy conceptual questions and it has 3-4 questions in Quant Section of CAT. Number system forms the beginning of most calculations. These number system questions are also important for other exams like SNAP, IIFT, CMAT, MAT, BANK PO Exams, and SBI Exams.

 The problems on Number system FOR CAT are developed by our expert faculty. In Bull free prep you will get section wise tests like on “Number system questions”. Number system is a methodical technique to signify numbers with symbolic characters.  There are different types of number system like decimal number system, octal number system, binary number system, hexadecimal number system etc. The number system is the vital things for preparing for any competitive exam. You can solve multifaceted questions on number system by having proper knowledge and practice on number system questions. In bull free prep you will get series of questions on number system along with hundred of concepts and various logics to solve these questions for CAT 2014 paper. The accurate logic and clear understanding of concepts is the only way to crack CAT Number system questions.


                         CAT Logical Reasoning Questions

CAT Logical Reasoning is a sample set of problems that is asked from this topic in the CAT Logical reasoning section. This question set exposes you to the different types of reasoning and question types that you would be faced with in the exam and the areas that you would require to master in this area. In the new format of CAT Exam, Logical Reasoning questions are important part.  CAT logic reasoning questions tests your logical abilities. These logical reasoning (LR) questions check your capability to take judgment in diverse conditions. This CAT logical reasoning questions are part of English section. In these questions one uses his reasoning skill to come to a result. The logical ability section includes questions like  Ordering and Sequencing problem, Venn Diagrams problems, Blood Relations problem, Sets based on grouping and patterns , problems on arrangement like Seating or circular etc.

For solving logical reasoning (LR) problems don’t guess anything by yourself, only use information that is provided to you in the problem. You have to make sure that you have understand all the different options that are  given in the question. These sample CAT Logical ability questions cover all the different ways in which question can be asked.
You can solve complicated problems on Logical Reasoning (LR) by having proper understanding and practice on logical reasoning problems. By attempting these questions you will not only prepare for CAT Exam, but also for IIFT, SNAP , XAT and other important entrance exam. In bull free prep you will get sequence of problems on logical reasoning (LR) along with hundred of concepts and various logics to solve these questions for CAT 2014  paper.

CAT Grammar Practice questions

                        CAT Grammar Practice Questions
CAT Grammar questions help you master the nuances of Grammar questions probed in CAT. With the help of questions put forward in this test, you would be able to understand the kind of Grammar Skills that are required of you and the kind of effort you should put into improve this area. The CAT grammar practice test consists of questions on nouns, Fill in the blanks, Jumbled Paragraphs etc which are important part of CAT exam.
Students who aspire to crack Grammar section of CAT need to have a good understanding of the basic principles of grammar, so that they can understand Grammar more efficiently. To Crack the CAT Grammar section you need to master the basics of it.

Success in the CAT Grammar questions in the CAT depends strongly on your grasp of the English grammar.
Grammar sets the laws and principles by which way the English is communicated. A good understanding of the basics of English grammar coupled with ample exercises of grammar practice questions will help you to crack CAT Grammar section. In Bull Free prep Grammar section you will get English grammar questions, sentence correction questions, reading comprehension questions. Other important question that covers in CAT Grammar practice are from Adverbs, nouns, Determiners, Verbs and Verb Tenses etc. There are different formats in which grammar questions can come in CAT Verbal section. Our Grammar practice questions set consists of all these different formats of grammar questions which test your knowledge of English grammar. In this section, each grammar topic provides you last year CAT questions and answers on grammar .CAT Vocabulary are developed by our expert faculty. These CAT Grammar practice questions are also important for other exams like SNAP, IIFT, CMAT, MAT, BANK PO Exams, and SBI Exams If you have any doubt regarding CAT Grammar practice questions then please contact us

CAT Mock Test

                            CAT 2014 Free Mock Test

Free mock test has been provided for the benefits of students and will help you tackle the online CAT 2014 exam in a better way. The free CAT mock test offers essential practice for CAT 2014 exam.
CAT Free mock test does one wonderful job for every student; it provides a Mock CAT test absolutely free of cost. The free test is a wonderful chance for every student to assess his performance and check his current level of understanding. CAT 2014 Mock tests are prepared to help you to crack CAT 2014 Exam. By Bull Free prep you will get 20+ mock test, 200+ chapter wise tests, & 4 national level CAT tests.
The questions of free mock Cat test are contributed by our expert faculty.  The Free mock tests are
designed according to the syllabus of CAT 2013 Exam. When you get prepared for basic syllabus of CAT 2014 Exam, then you should practice these CAT Mock Test very seriously to check your preparation position. As you know CAT is one of the difficult exams, so you have to solve various CAT mock tests before appearing for the final exam. These Mock tests not only help you to check your level of CAT preparation, but also help you in beating the competition to get your dream B-School. In these mock tests for CAT you can check your percentage by competing with students from all over India. Mock Test for CAT consists of two sections: CAT Quantitative Ability section and CAT Verbal ABILITY section. You have to make a proper time table to solve these mock papers. Make sure that you are systematic in your approach while solving mock tests. By solving these CAT Free mock tests you can develop speed and accuracy to crack CAT 2014 Exam. You must see if you are improving you speed and accuracy and scrutinize your performance. You should aim to get better with each succeeding mock tests. If you have any doubt regarding CAT 2014 Free mock test, then please contact us.