Thursday 9 October 2014

NMAT 2014 Analysis | NMAT 2014 Solutions | NMAT

NMAT Analysis

The NMAT, organized online over a test window of 3 months, is used to shortlist the aspiring candidates for admission to the MBA programmes of the NMIMS. The students are permitted up to two retakes of the NMAT, if they desire to. In all such cases, the best of the three scores will be taken into account while preparing the merit list. With three segments in the test i.e. Language Skills, Quantitative Skills and Logical Reasoning, you get a total of 120 questions, to be done in 2 hours. All these questions are of  multiple choice type and each wrong answer carries .25 negative marking.

Each test area is timed separately and must be done in the allotted time. If you have finished a particular section before time, you may use the extra time to attempt the next section. The next section is, again, to be done in the allotted time ONLY. In order to check your time duration , you can give a free NMAT MOCK TEST.

Practical Tips for NMAT Preparation
Try to make a good beginning as it makes the job easier by boosting self-confidence. Skip the difficult questions and move on. Often, the easy ones are found at the end, making it difficult to locate them.  There, a judicious selection and proper time management hold the key here. Select your strong area first, and later go to the ones you are less comfortable with.
To brush up your mathematical skills for the NMAT, you can revisit your Class 5-10 NCERT books, to be followed by other books.  The questions on Data Interpretation here may be calculation-intensive but are easily doable. 

The Verbal Part in the NMAT features Reading Comprehension, Sentence Completion, Vocabulary and Para Jumbles in an equal proportion. Mostly, the questions are direct instead of being inference-based, thereby making your task easier. Of course, if you are good at vocabulary part, you may find it very easy.